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1) What is Primer Motivation Analysis®?
Primer Motivation Analysis® is an online profile making application to support particular human resource management needs at organisation level. Profiles can be used in recruiting, performance and motivation management. It gives a clear picture of the candidate or about the colleague that helps to understand the structure of his/her main inner drives, motivators and the suitability on or fitting to certain jobs and challenges. Profiles are simple to create by answering a few questions; they are stored in a handy, online system to be recalled easily. Currently, Primer Motivation Analysis® has three types of profiles: Quick-Scan, Full-Scan and Compatibility and Integration Scanning. The service is available for users who have an account with a subscription, and credits enough to start scanning and make profiles. You can find the subscription types here.

2) What is a Profile?
3) How do I order any Primer Motivation Analysis® Profiles?
4) How do I get a subscription/account?
5) How do I customise my Primer Motivation Analysis® Account?
6) How do I get support for my Primer Motivation Analysis® subscription/account?