Primer Motivation Analysis® gives a unique opportunity to HR and People Specialists, consultants, counsellors, trainers, coaches, teachers, psychologists and anyone who works with people and wants to understand the human individual inner drives and motivational directions. Inborn features of a person are usually hard to change and these remain with us over a lifetime. A job that doesn't match us - such like a non-matching partner - , can influence our natural work behaviour in a negative way. Morale, responsibility taking, motivation, and finally results will suffer this!

Would the screening and recruiting be more efficient if the human potential of an individual were known in advance? The potential on which the values, the behaviour and the actions are built by the learning process, conditioning and environment stimuli. Would it make a difference? Training methods could be tailored to the individual needs, and the motivation tools could be adapted to generate performance results according to the expectations. Work behaviour,work style analysis, and social profile are available by the method of Primer Motivation Analysis®. Get an insight into the human drives, be aware of what you can win by employing or what you can lose if not!

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Quick-Scan Profile

Are you interested in knowing the followings?:

  • How fast can a person react and take actions?
  • Can he tolerate the stress and the workload? How much?
  • What is his work style like? How does he complete a task? By the way, what tasks can he do the best?
  • How much can he fit in a certain position?
  • What is his emotional behaviour like?
  • How much attention and feedback does he need?
  • What is his assertiveness level like?
  • Is he self-driven enough to implement his own initiatives?
  • How can he cooperate with others?
  • What is his communication style like?
  • How is his brain dominance in connection with his thinking style?
  • Does he have enough attention to details?
  • What about the analytical skills? Any need for creativity and self-expression?
  • How do changes or variable environment factors influence the person? Is he externally motivated?

Quick-Scan Profile answers all these and many other questions!

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Full-Scan Profile

Get full description about the points drafted in Quick-Scan Profile, and explore more information about the working and social behaviour, get an insight into these dimensions as well:

  • What motivates and demotivates the person?
  • How can the person be helped to build on his strengths in order to be more productive?
  • What can you expect from this person in decision making, or coordinating more tasks?
  • What about the leadership skills? How much can those skills be developed?
  • How is the natural leadership potential built up?
  • How about the team-player mentality?
  • How should an integration and learning process of something new be managed in his case?
  • In what directions can the development be the most successful?
  • To which work values is there a natural drive?
  • What factors should be combined in the job role to result higher job-satisfaction?

Go for Full-Scan Profile and see the person in his full potential!

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Compatibility Emblem

Compatibility and
Integration Scanning

Accelerate the integration of the new colleague, support the socialisation or take control over motivation and performance by finding the answers for your questions:

  • How much will he be compatible with the other colleagues or superiors?
  • What differences will make the relationship with the subordinates difficult and how to overcome them?
  • What can his superior do in order to support the integration and motivate him according to his needs?
  • What organisation climate can speed up the integration? What matters to him?
  • What types of conflicts can be expected with the colleagues and why?
  • What is the key to him? How to understand what is driving him?
  • How can this person be trained, coached and assigned in the best way to get return on invested time and efforts fast?
  • What help does he need to avoid frustration, burn-out or lower job performance?

Run Compatibility and Integration Scanning on 5 colleagues and find out which inner motives influence the relationships the most!

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